Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Storybooking 2009

Thank you Oprah!

December was a mile stone for us here as Heritage Makers!

We received tons of FREE press coverage and it was all good. First with Oprah in her December O magazine as one of her 10 All Time Favorite Gifts; then on Oprah's favorite things' show; then featured 1st off in the Good Morning America Chic and Cheap list; then in Better Homes and Gardens Digital Scrapbooking 2 at the top of the list for digital sourcing.

Wheeewwwww! It was amazing, terrific and lots of new people found out about us.

2009 and where do we go from here?
1) Heritage Makers ( is offering the best ever package for new consultants joining us this month.

2) The Best Ever savings for those joining the Premier Club....a new exclusive club for those taking advantage of 12 months of Premier for $8.33/mo. Normally Premier upgrade is $24.95 usd for the 1st month and $19.95 usd for continuing months. As of TODAY it is $99.95 usd for one entire year of premier upgrade membership. That includes unlimited photo storage and access to over 700 template designs.

Contact us today to join our Consultant or Premier clubs!

Coming Soon: Life Story classes either virtual or in person
Love themed 'Digi Crops' for those wanting to make some precious valentine gifts.
Discounted scanning for all workshop hosts; hosts receive double the rewards in January.

Contact me at or 604-271-5434 for schedules

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