Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas Gift Responses

Lots of fun creating and MORE fun GIVING and watching the response.
Here is a great report from one of our happy clients who created our novel personalized decks of playing cards for her gifts.

I first met Barb at a Trade Fair in Langley and I was so taken with her photo books and her sheer enthusiasm for what she had created. I was captured. I came home and shared about the photo books that night. At Christmas this year, I created three different sets of playing cards. One was all different photos of my four neices. On the front of each card was a group shot, they were all dressed up in pink outfits for a wedding. I called their set of cards “Cousins”. I gave a set to each of the four girls.

Another set was photos of my friend’s son, as he loves to play poker. I called his set “Mackenzie Favorite Deck of Cards”. He loved it as there was a ‘cool’ photo of him on the front of his deck.. He laughed when he saw how I had gathered photos of him as a teenager, graduating from high school, with his Mum, Dad and sister and others with him holding our friend’s babies.

The third set was a mixture of words and photos. A theme created from my friend’s book “Awakening to the Beauty of Life Within”. These became great Christmas Presents for friends.

The playing cards were stunning, great quality and entertaining for everyone. I have had amazing responses from people about the outstanding quality of the cards. They were definitely fun projects to do on-line, to have printed and finally to give as gifts. I will definitely be making more of these.

Chris Willis

Surrey, BC

It is always great to see the smiles and hear the 'thank you's' when you make a one-of-a-kind perosnal gift.

Here's our January - March focus.

We're teaching Life Story Classes. Here is an invite for our next Meet and Greet.

Be sure to pre-register with West Richmond Community Center as they are preparing food and beverages. $3.00 per person 55+ for this event.

Never too late to think about Valentine's about an "I love you because " book.

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