Monday, January 26, 2009

A Truly Amazing Presenet!

January 2009 letter received

I wanted to sing the praises of Barb and
When Christmas was approaching last year, we were faced with a recurring problem - how to find a memorable gift for my father-in-law. He is like a lot of successful people who has everything he needs and most of the things he wants.

Brad met with Barb and learned about the "Photo deck of playing cards" and we knew it was a great idea right away.

We collected photos from family trips that had been taken over the past 30 years and turned them into a truly amazing present.

The gift was a huge hit - bringing with it a flood of memories and emotion that will be cherished forever.

Thanks Barb for your one-on-one technical help and your kind and courteous business manner.

Leslie and Brad Pashby
Sun Life Financial

Thank you Leslie and Brad, I'm so glad it was a magical moment.

You're creating memories everyday but are you preserving them.

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