Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yeah we've made it into the Top Nine Choices!

First we made it into the Direct Selling articlethat's shown above.

NOW we made it into Woman's Day Magazine in their March issue.

Heritage Makers (click her for my website) has been noted as one of the top nine home based companies for folks to make money from home.

Here is the article....click this link

Right now for those who have this interest the investment is only $50 or $150...(the $150 includes one free month of Club HM and tons of samples and tools).

Get in where you fit in!

Digital Diva Barb


Friday, March 18, 2011

Woman's Day shares a good way to make money from home

Ok here's the scoop.
Woman's Day Magazine has just mentioned our publishing company as one of the Top Nine Ways to make money at home. Here's the article.
Best of all it doesn't cost you a fortune to get involved. Only $50.00 plus the option of a $100 upgrade pack that gives you huge value. The upgrade pack even pays for a free month of our highly successful Club HM.
Here's 10 other reasons:
Our compensation plan boasts BONUSES of up to $3000.
This is in addition to our already sturdy pay structure.

You will never be alone.
From the day you join our team, you will receive training, support & motivation.

This is YOUR business.
You will be able to identify your own personal business goals & have help to successfully attain them.

We don’t hold parties, we hold workshops.
We provide workshops with a learning atmosphere – then we give them hostess benefits.

We get to help people tell their story.
Everyone has a story. And they have the pictures to prove it.
We get to help them put that into a storybook or on one of our many other products.

Our storybooks change lives.
Whether it’s helping them connect to the past or helping people grieve or even just to tell someone they are loved. Our products change lives.

You get to work with a great team.
Heritage Makers is new to Canada. And only five years old in the US.
Together we can grow this company larger than we could imagine.

People have picture problems.
We provide a picture solution. Either by scanning their heirloom photos with our industry leading equipment or by creating storybooks & more with their 1000’s of JPEG’s.

Earn a FREE cruise.
Just by working your business – you can earn a free luxury cruise for two.
This year the boat is heading to Cozumel & Balize – hope to see you on it.

This business fits any lifestyle.
Whether your goal is to make extra income or to build a business.
Heritage Makers is easy to incorporate into any business plan.
So there you have it. Check it out here
As always,
I am here for questions and to help you along the way.
Barb Ashcroft
Digital Designer with www.RecallWhen.com
Independent Heritage Maker Director

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Some Inspiration!

So many people ask me what I do and because it is so visual it's hard to put into words.

Here is our latest catalog to stir up your creative juices.
Once you ooh and aah at the catalog go to www.recallwhen.com to get started.
Lots of GREAT ideas....
Lots of Fun Projects....

As we all come out of hibernation from the winter...time to revitalize with some "Intentional Acts of Appreciation" for those who care about.

A Chance to Compare

Don't you love it when you feel blessed! This is me and my hubby of 43 years Ron.
I shopped around and compared and I got the best of the bunch. Lucky me!
How about your service or business? Isn't it great when you find out just 'how awesome' your prices and services are! I just opened up one of my favourite local magazines and found a workshop advertised.
One day for $125 to learn publishing options (how to get your ideas into a book)...ok that could be a great workshop. Let's Compare though...
Check out our new local Publishing Club HM.
With just a three month commitment $30/mo you pay $90 and get hands on training, access to free art (40,000 pieces of it - equivalent to a Michael's store - all online) and the best part ..........After 3 payments you have enough publishing credits to have your FIRST TWO coffee table bound books paid for. Not just training but already paid for! HUGE benefits.
I think that's a steal!
So here's some ideas....Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduation, Easter, sports teams !!!
Get your photos out of hiding...Come Join our Club HM ...fun...informative...rewarding
REWARD ALL THOSE WHO JOIN me IN MARCH WILL RECEIVE ***BONUS*** publishing credits from me as my thank you GIFT.
Let the Fun begin.
Barb Ashcroft
"Don't let your babies grow up to be jpegs!"