Wednesday, May 26, 2010

That Magic will never go away

What could be more perfect? Sitting on grandpa's knee with your stuffy and you're both reading a book together and of course getting a tickle at the same time.
I just read a blog post in a First Time Parenting context that stated scrapbooks were going the way of the Apple iPad...hmmm. I don't think so looking at this photo.
Yes I believe scrapbooking in particular has changed. I saw my Mom's scrapbook when I was preteen. It showed all the paper clippings from the local prairie paper of 'the boys' who were going to war. It also showed her pangent ribbon as Miss Manitou in a beauty contest circa 1930.
I loved looking through it and 50 years later it is still clear as day on my mind.
With our busy lifestyle and everything so INSTANT I'm not surprised that busy parents can't find time or space to do their traditional scrapbooking (often described as therapy or girl time).
I think we have made a big leap to Digital Scrapbooking because of the ease of digital photography and the TIME SAVINGS...I can design a page (and complete it) in 30-40 minutes. I can do an entire book over a weekend or less. With web based online publishing several members in different parts of the country can work on the same book at the same time. How cool is that to create that one of a kind book for Dad or Mom having access to everyone's photos and each one can design their own pages.
Yes the world is changing, but I can't believe the feel good emotion of reading to a child and showing them pictures of themselves in a personal bound book will ever go the way of the iPad.
It will be a sad day if it does...
What are your thoughts? storybooker and proud of it!

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