Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Capturing Holiday Shots & How to Share Them

Rathrevor Beach, Parksville, BC Miles of beach waiting for the fog to lift.
We're now at the time of year when you gather the family, the dog and all the gear and head out for day trips or long weekend visits......and of course you take your camera.

Well hopefully, the images you take don't just sit there on the memory card, the pc or simply shrunk down to a tiny thumbnail on facebook. I want to show you a simple fantastic way to share your photos.

Step One:
Go to http://www.RecallWhen.com
Create a free account which takes less than 5 minutes

Step Two:
Login & go to My Photos Tab
Create a photo album (you can have an unlimited of albums, so use this technique to help SORT your photos, ie: 2010 April Family Trip)

My Personal Tip: If you name the year first then all of your photo albums will sort alpabetically and be easier to find. You can create folders as well but let's start with the album.

In case you'd like a visual view of this there is a marvelous short tuturial right here. It is one of nine on the home page of the website

Step Three: (illustrated on tutorial)
Click on and highlight the album that you want the photos to go into and and click on Add More Photos on the right side of the page. It will take you to areas on your pc where you've stored your photos. Choose which ones you want to upload and click enter.

Here's the MAGICAL PART !
Once you have your photos uploaded you can SHARE the entire album with family and friends right from the website.

Best part of this is, unlike facebook, this site does not shrink your image. Selected images can be downloaded to any pc at the orginal resolution......that is HUGE if you are wanting to create anything with them later. And if you're not the creative one in the family and you share the album with a relative that is, you can get them to create the family holiday book, calendar, cards right on the same website.

Super Organizer Time Saver:
Make it part of your regime that EACH time you take out your camera that the first thing you do when you get home is download the new shots to your pc and upload right away to your new account here....then YOU ARE SECURE, even if something happened to your camera, your memory card, your pc -your photos are preserved and could be retrieved at any time.

Now go out and enjoy the sunshine!
Happy Snapping.
Barb Ashcroft
Digital Storymaker

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