Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Putting your Baby on Facebook

I just returned from the 1st ever Canadian Regional Conference for Heritage Maker consultants and saw the absolute cutest book ever!

It was written by a grandma about her adorable granddaughter (of course, just like my adorable grandson above).

With everyone always talking about Facebook it just made sense to include a 3 year old.

Grandma Carol created a 5x5 Heritage Makers brag book with full page shots of cutie in all sorts of locations..........here's the magic though.....

A very tiny photo circle of her granddaughter's face is hidden on each page....thus

Her own FACE BOOK!

She greets everyone at the door with "can you find my face?"

Undoubtedly that little 3 year old is feeling pretty special.

That is what we are all about....we help folks feel special.

Who do you know that deserves the TLC?
Contact me for a $5.00 discount on the 5x5 storybook to create your own.

Barb Ashcroft

Personal Publishing Consultant


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