Monday, February 23, 2009

Removing those Photos easily - new cookbook offer

Many folks are wanting to do some new things with their own photos.
However many are 'stuck' in those magnetic sticky photo albums.

Here is a great way to remove them safely.
Call us once you have them collected so we can scan them for you and get them in a digital format on a flash/thumb drive.

Photo Removal Tip:
I need to remove years of photos from old 'magnetic' style photo
albums, those terrible type where the photos stick to the page. I
googled it and found a product called Scrapper's Solution by a
company called Un-Du's some comments.

It works great! According to the package, you can safely remove and
reuse stickers, tape, photo squares and more. How about those
registration stickers on your car windshield or bumper stickers?

I haven't tried it on stickers but I did use it on my photos.
Scrappers Solution is a clear liquid and comes with a plastic tool
that you use to slide under the object you want to remove. You put a
few drops of the solution on the tool, slide it under one corner of
the photo and glide it along until the photo comes free.

It was so easy! And it left no residue or smell on the photos. I used it on an
entire album of my baby pictures and had them all out in about ½
hour. The pictures have been in that album for more than 35 years so
it's pretty amazing that they came out at all!

You can find Scrappers Solution at many of the local arts and crafts
stores as well as many sites online. It may also be called Un-Do
Adhesive Remover and sells for under $10. I recommend having a bottle
in your stash of tools.

Be the First to create our newest book!

I have such wonderful news to share with you this morning!

We'd heard the rumor that Heritage Makers was adding something new on March 3 - last night we got confirmation, and an amazing pre-release offer I'm able to share with YOU!

Heritage Makers is adding an incredible Heritage Makers Cookbook to our product line, at a pre-release price of only $14.99 US each!

Think of it - use your photos, your family recipes and your stories plus HM artwork and great quality to produce the most amazing cookbooks ever! Make one for you, for your family, a team cookbook, etc.

Check out this link - I think you'll be impressed!

A few particulars:
approx 7x10
21 pages (expandable to 50)
spiral bound, lies completely flat
the cover completely wraps around the book, and is waterproofed - so if you spill on it you can wipe it off!
you can see another example if you go to your account and look at the Contest

This is great - but don't think of it only as a cookbook! How about creating a day-planner? an address book? a child's diary? a wine journal? a book journal? a school journal? a guest register? Just use it as a lower-priced HM book? Those are just my first thoughts - if you have other suggestions I'd love to hear them!

This product isn't on the website yet, or for sale until March 3, 2009 - but from Feb 23-26 only HM is offering a pre-release price of only $59.95 for a 4-pack - $14.99 per book.

At this price you could create something for every friend and family member - these would make PERFECT Christmas gifts, a great price for a really useful gift, and by purchasing now you'd have lots of time to be creative!

Please contact me to take advantage of this fabulous offer. I love this - and I think you'll love it too!
Barb Ashcroft

604-271-5434 or

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