Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Getting out of the boat

Commit to something and you will be tested.

Sunday when I entered church I had the feeling I was going to be tested to see if I really believed what I commited to at a Women's conference 2 days earlier.

Friday at Dare to Thrive we were encouraged to LIVE BOLDLY! What does that look like?

Well Sunday I walked into church and there at the front of the church is a boat, a fishing boat sitting up there where the music worship team would normally stand. Hmmm...why am I a little uneasy. I like change - right....

Soon I found out there were stations throughout the santuary for Prayer Sunday. The boat was a place to step into and pray for 'our calling' and then trusting that God would help us basically or visually 'walk on the water' or walk with us on our journey.

I'm thinking I'm gonna have to walk up there and get into that boat in front of everyone else. Yikes..live boldly. How come my knees are a bit shakey.

Well there were 6-8 stations all different so people were encouraged to either sit and pray in your seat or go to the various prayer stations and read the scripture and then follow where you are led.

Eventually I got to the front and read the scripture and knew I had to get in that boat. Now there is no water there, but never the less; getting in rocked the boat and you had to hold on.

You weren't in the boat alone, others got in and prayed and got out. Whether it was you or others getting out, the boat rocked again and you had to consistently balance yourself.

How like LIFE! We can't walk this walk alone. We have others in our boat (life) and when others come and go, it is unsettling, we have to rebalance over and over again.

We need others to help us on our journey and we sure need assistance along the way (faith).

I had hoped to post an acutal photo of the boat but that hasn't happened yet and I feel I need to write this, even if it is only to encourage myself to Live Boldly.

There are my deepest blog thoughts to date.

Thanks for being a boat mate with me!

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