Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Special Creations - One Step Further & Tons of Fun

Many of my newest friends are talented in the area of genealogy. It is such fun to play detective and discover new family members & new stories.
The proof picture shown above is an outline of the Title page of our Ashcroft Family coffee table book (red lines are just for aligning & will be cut off). I was able to google a map of England and save that as a jpeg image and then place a transparent tinted circle over the area the family came from. I was also able to highlight the names on the family list that pertained to our LIMB of the Ashcroft Family Tree.
Whether you have just started or are well on your way, I encourage you to create a coffee table book to share the discoveries. Imagine a compilation of all the family photo albums (& more) put together in one place. The photos can all be tagged with names and with stories.
Once you have done that I want to encourage you to go one step further. Summer is approaching and we are planning our first long weekend at the lake.
It is the time when families come together and PLAY.
How about taking those photos and stories and history tidbits and create 3 more things that end up being a Family History Game.
1) Our website has a template gallery to show you how you can turn a poster into a Family Game Board.
2) Our personalized decks of playing cards becomes the Family Fun Facts - variety in the Template Gallery. The sky is the limit on creating it your way.
3) Our Family Fold becomes the Rules for the Family Game.
Right now I am creating a Family Game Board based on my 86 year old Dad's life. It begins with a photo of him as a tiny child, and progresses along his 'happy trails' right up to today.
Email me for a preview and I'll show you how I'm doing that.
The deck of cards are alternating photos of the family shots that correspond to photos on the game board. Our HM team has created endless ideas for your own Family Board Games - so have fun this summer, create some fun and get those kids involved in a fun way to celebrate family and our heritage.
Best yet, the work has already been started with the creation of templates. All you have to do is personalize it with your own photos and words.
Your basic account on our website is free. So go ahead and get started today.
Barb Ashcroft
Personal Publishing Coach
Bringing Your Stories to Life!

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