Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's the Playoffs - so this is about hockey

Yes, that is my dad, Bob Frost sitting on the lower left end of the first row.

1936........age 13.......champs!

The Magic of this photo is that I found this photo as a damaged crumple in one of my dad's dresser drawers.........and ASKED him about it.

I'm so glad I did...because he told me the story.

5 of these boys went on into the NHL. That's right. I'll write it again. 1/3 of this team went on to an NHL career. I think that is worth writing about. In fact it gets even better. My dad went east to pursue his hockey career. However my mom followed him with a wedding cake in her trunk. How's that for 'go get em' attitude!

Vic Price, a scout for the Toronto Maple Leafs got Dad to sign a deal that he would play for them. Being conscientious, providing for a family won out though...and he shared his love of hockey another way.

Upon returning to Saskatoon he was one of Gordie Howe's Pee Wee coaches. Dad remembers Gordie as a shy, quiet kid from a very poor family. Looking back, wasn't everyone? Poor times back then. Dad with some of his friends got 25 cents together and bought Gordie a pair of skates from McCoys 2nd hand store. Even with 100's of kids trying to get on teams, Dad said Gordie stood out. He played goalie at that time.

Taken from "The Frost Family 1886 to 2006 - Preserving Memories by Barb (Frost) Ashcroft.

Now if I hadn't asked for the story behind the photo who would know this today. I think it is something my 8 year old grandson will want to know some day.

What's holding you back...write a story. Start with a paragraph or a recorder.

ps. Go Canucks gooooooooooo!

Barb Ashcroft

Personal Publishing Consultant


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Anonymous said...

Cool story! It is always incredibly cool to hear about things like this from our parents and grandparents. Amazing lives.