Thursday, April 9, 2009

5 Top Versions publishing a coffee table book

Going for a survey today

Here are 5 top versions of an 8.5x11.5 bound coffee table book.

Vote by leaving your comment and tell me which one is your favorite and you'll be entered in a draw for a 5x5 bound storybook for you to create.

1) The Classic;
clean lines, professional, great for business or portfolios

2) More than a photo book, this one is a Traditional Sign In Wedding Book

3) Another version of a Scrapbooky Sign In Wedding Book, this one with more digital components

4) Family Heritage Book (this is my hubby's family history book I completed last February, we never even knew his grandfather's first name before we did this)

5) Whimsical Family History Book for you to personalize

Of course this is simply a small selection, but I wanted to show the diversity of creating your own unique projects.

For more ideas, go to and check out the Template Gallery

Barb Ashcroft
Personal Publishing Consultant

1 comment:

Lisa, the Book Lady said...

I like them all but the Whimsical one the best!