Monday, May 19, 2008

Baseball Fever continues

Would you like to feature that family baseball star?

Don't have photos for an entire book?

Then by all means create a wall poster.

This template I designed is for an 18x24 inch poster.

What a great way for the 'star' to recall his special moments.

Personalized with his name, his photos, his team name and his own roster #.

What a great gift for the relatives that live far away.

I have created the template & will transfer for free into my client's accounts. That way they can use our wonderful 'swapping photo feature' and simply swap out or replace the photos with those of your own dear one. They don't have to worry about designing, just personalizing.

All the text can be simply revised to have your pertinent info in its place.

What do you need to do?

1) Go to

2) Set up your free account

3) Phone or email me with your account number so I can transfer the project to you.

4) Start uploading your favourite baseball photos into a photo album created on this free Heritage Maker account. I'd create an album called Baseball 2008 as you can have as many photo albums as you need and this is a perfect & efficient time to start sorting all your photos.

5) Ask me for your free 20 minute demo either in person or online so you can get your project done ASAP. In fact I've made this so simple it should take all of 20-30 minutes to complete once you've uploaded your photos.

Let's make some magic! Right now till the end of May...Special Price Discounts!

Barb, Digital Diva

Your Storybooking Coach or or 604-271-5434

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