Thursday, February 18, 2010

Capture those Olympic Photos

Let's help our kids and families remember what a special time in history we are presently recording. How about sitting down and creating a beautiful swatch book or even a bound storybook of the adventure and excitement.
Here is a preview of a lovely family project that one of our Heritage gals created once they saw the flame in Okotoks. Click on Saw the Flame to preview the project.
Then go to sign up for your account and let's get creating your own.
Where ever you are in Canada you may have had a chance to view it as well. The Torch is the symbol of lighting and connecting us from coast to coast. Never in all my years have I heard 20,000 sing O Canada in full abandon as we're seeing this week.
Let's Celebrate for all time and have something special to remember it all with.
I'd love to see this go viral....share with a friend who purchases the swatch book from me and I'll give you a swatch book to do for free. Contact me directly for this offer.
Go Canada Go!!!
Barb Ashcroft
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